Greek Mythology Family "Tree"

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An arrow points from parent to child. Most nodes will have two arrows pointing towards them, indicating two parents.

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Just normal gods.


These are the 12 Gods considered to be Olympians, such as Zeus.


The Titans were the pantheon before the Olympians, such as Cronus, Father of Zeus.


The Primordial gods existed before the Titans, but aren't considered to be a pantheon. Gaia is the mother of most of the Titans.

River God

Most rivers had their own gods, which the rivers were named after. Most of the River Gods were the male children of Oceanus and Tethys.

Water Nymph

Water Nymphs are the female children of either River Gods or certain Titans. They inhabit non-river bodies of water. Achilles' mother, Thetis, is a water nymph.


Heroes are people who are traditionally referred to as Greek heroes. This includes Hercules.


Divine is a descriptor I came up with to describe someone whos ancestry can be entirely traced back to gods. If a character is traditionally described as divine, they're here too. Many heros fall into this catagory.


Not everyone's a god, so there are mortals. When both parents were mortals, I didn't include the parents.


Daemons are lesser dieties or spirits. Most of the important ones are children of Styx (not the river) and Pallas, including Nike.


Refers to other miscellaneous mythical creatures, such as centaurs, cyclops, or minotaurs.


Chaos is a god/place/concept from which the first primordial gods came from. It gets its own catagory.


Old refers to the two gods that predate Chaos. The beginning of the universe is described as Ananke, the goddess of inevitability, crushing Chronos (not Cronus), the god of time.

Strange Connections

Not all gods are born in a normal way, ones that are particularly different are listed here.

(— – —): Aphrodite appears in the foam produced from Uranus' severed genitals crashing into the ocean.

(— – – —): Athena, fully grown and armored, bursts from Zeus' forehead

(— – – – —): Hephaestus creates Pandora, the first mortal woman, from earth, and Athena clothes her (this is very important for some reason).

Not Included

Things I Found Interesting

Zeus is the father, grandfather, and second cousin of Helen of Troy.

Achilles is 5/8 Water Nymph, 1/8 Zeus, and 1/8 Centaur

Cyrene is the best character in Greek mythology. She's a mortal whose hunting prowess was compared to Artimis, who wrestled a bear, then had a child with Apollo who went on to invent beekeeping. She is also Diomedes' Great Great Grandmother.

Achilles is Agamemnon's second cousin once removed.

Homer claimed to be the child of Menes, a river god, and Critheïs, a water nymph. (Critheïs had a mortal father and her mother is unknown.)